Spindle Repair

CNC Spindle Repairs, Maintenance & Servicing

Service and repair of machine tool spindles.

Spindle Revolution are your trusted repair partner for all types of spindles and tapers including CAPTO, BIG PLUS, ISO and HSK.  

Our specialist knowledge and high standards of repair ensure your returned spindle meets or exceeds original manufacture tolerances.




With your spindle repair you will receive a photographic report highlighting the reasons for failure and detailing any damage found during the dismantling process.  Motor windings are thoroughly tested and replaced if required.  Spindles are delivered precision balanced, fully tested and ready for installation.

Included with the delivery is a final testing protocol document – our guarantee of the quality of repair carried out on your spindle. 

All variables are listed and all measurements shown.  Nothing is hidden.  

Trust is good, evidence is better.

relieve your spindle headaches. Spindle Revolution offer a comprehensive spindle care package ran
from on-site vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, and tool clamping force measurement to r
otary joint or
gripper replacemen

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